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Peter explains the SECI Spiral to OEB-06. Photograph by Peter Himsel. All copyrights by ICWE GmbH.
Prolearn @ Online Educa Berlin 06
Peter Scott

Online Educa in Berlin last week was a great buzz! Over 2000 folk attended the event, which was hectic and bursting with interesting e-learning innovation. There was a respectable Prolearn presence here as usual with numerous Prolearn folk giving presentations and networking. Erik Duval's session on learning repositiories and standards was particularly interesting, of course.

You may see from the vlog that I was musing though the day about how to nicely close this hectic event at the end of a long day. My keynote was slated to cover *invisible, pervasive and non formal learning*; but many of the talks through the day mirrored these sorts of issues and left me risking being uncontroversial. Personally, I did quite a few on-the-spot *corridor* vlogs of interesting sessions and thoughts as I went along. Many more on Day 1 than on Day 2 as it was just so exhausting. Day one was busy for me as I was attending some critical sessions and also speaking in the final plenary.

When I finally stepped up to speak (at around 6pm), I was delighted to note that the Educa crowd are good on staying power, as a fair few of the 2k folk who had listened to the opening plenaries came to sit in the aisles for the closing plenaries also!

To pep them up, I opened by taking some of our Prolearn research and connecting effective learning and effective knowledge work. Then I followed this by suggesting that the Open University OpenLearn work pointed the way towards a big change of emphasis away from the importance of content... no longer any sort of king! I was also able to give some examples from our own recent research were the power of peer-to-peer work puts the spotlight firmly on support that learners can give to each other - without a lecturer anywhere in the scene; and a moderator firmly in the background. Went down rather well... certainly stimulated some robust discussion.

I also captured a few interesting folks in the corridor and added them to a vlog also in my overall vlog feed on my home page. And you may have noticed that I played with some pirate webcasting concepts in my Day 1 vlog to help illustrate issues in my keynote... too cute, perhaps?

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